University of California Institute for Prediction Technology

At UCIPT, we are doing cutting-edge research bringing together big data, social media, and machine learning across UC campuses and departments to pioneer the new, interdisciplinary field of prediction technology.

UCIPT has developed a visualization application that compares social media data from 10 different universities. Each day tweets are collected and the graph is updated, providing trends and insights into the real-time stress and happiness quotients at these institutions.

See our Q&A on the project - Social Media, Stress, and College Life: The Freshman 200 Study

Visualization Demos

How It Works

Time Series Visualization - Select two schools to compare. The visualization will show the stress levels over time for each school.

How It Works

Stress Map - This map will show the overall stress level by location from a 0 - 1 (light blue to red) scale.
0 (light blue) represents low levels of stress whereas 1 (red) represents high levels of stress.

How It Works

Happiness quotient - The overall happiness levels at each university.

How It Works

Word Cloud - Displays the most frequently used words by students.


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Leave us your Twitter handle. The more Twitter handles we can collect data from, the better our models perform.

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